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Ready to create or work on your ePortfolio?

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The Next Generation ePortfolio at LaGuardia

The Next Generation ePortfolio—a new ePortfolio interface, with a new learning and visual architecture—is now available to all LaGuardia students. More than 8,000 students are already creating ePortfolios in this new environment. The First Year Seminar introduces students to a core ePortfolio template that they can use throughout their LaGuardia journey. The Next Generation ePortfolio will more effectively leverage the power of the portfolio to connect different parts of the student learning experience on one dynamic platform.

The Redesigned ePortfolio Interface

The redesigned ePortfolio interface is more robust and flexible. It offers students more visual design features to help them build their abilities to communicate with the full power of digital media. A mobile version allows students to interact and develop their ePortfolios more continuously, integrating different forms of digital media. The new interface also offers new tools to facilitate faculty and student collaboration. To learn more, click here.

Getting Started

When building your ePortfolio in the First Year Seminar course, you will have the time and resources to start strong. Here are four areas that you will want to explore as you move along:


Go to the MyLaGuardia portal and click on the Digication icon to get started. Start creating an ePortfolio using the template for your respective First Year Seminar course. As you move along, think creatively about what additional sections you can add to reflect on your college experience; both inside and outside of the classroom.


Don't just stick what you see on the template. Add text, images, colors, and elements that reflect who you are as a student and who you aspire to be in your future career. Move modules around and place images on your ePortfolio that will help the reader better understand you.


Don't forget to 'Save' and 'Publish'. But before that, be sure to know who you are sharing your ePortfolio with. There are different privacy settings that you can apply. Think about your audience when you publish content and how your content will impact their understanding of your experience at LaGuardia.


You will realize that you can use your ePortfolio for multiple purposes at LaGuardia. To let your professor know that you completed an assignment, to let your classmates know about the skills you have, to let you advisor know about the questions you have about your major, and to let the work know that you are ready for the career of your choice.

Campus Help

If you need help working on your ePortfolio, visit these on-campus offices:

Visit this lab for help with your ePortfolio in your First Year Seminar course. You will find support from a Student Success Mentor (SSM).

Visit this lab for general ePortfolio help in any of your courses. You will find support from a Student Technology Mentor (STM). Please check the schedule at the door for open lab times.

Visit the ePortfolio help desk for general support including issues with your account. You will find support from an ePortfolio Consultant.

To learn more, click here to visit our support page.

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