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Ready to create or work on your ePortfolio?


The ePortfolio Experience at LaGuardia

Many colleges across the country use ePortfolios to help students document their learning. At LaGuardia, your ePortfolio will help you keep track of your learning both inside and outside of the classroom. Documenting your learning along the way will help you develop skills to move beyond graduation. Starting in your First Year Seminar course and moving through courses in your discipline, all the way to the Capstone course for your major, your ePortfolio will be the place to keep your projects and assignments, plan your degree, find the right internship, and develop core skills that will make you stand out among others. Here's a map of how students use ePortfolio at LaGuardia

Get Advised On time

Students use their ePortfolio to meet key advisement milestones and be on track for graduation.

Learn About Your Discipline

Students use their ePortfolios to deepen their disciplinary knowledge, as well as explore skills and goals they need to achieve in order to 'make it' in their field.

Document Your College Journey

Students use their ePortfolios to connect learning experiences at the college, while building their abilities to communicate with the power of digital media.

Be Career and Transfer Ready

Students use their ePortfolios to learn about and prepare for their careers, map out their educational journeys beyond LaGuardia, and meet 21st century media audiences.

In the First Year Seminar Course

You will start building your ePortfolio in this course. With the help of a Student Success Mentor (SSM) you will have one hour weekly to build, learn, and work on your ePortfolio. During this time, you will work on activities ranging from understanding the curriculum in your major, to managing your time wisely in college. Your ePortfolio will also introduce you to the Student Success Plan (SSP), a tool you use along the way to get advised and make sure you're on track to graduation.

ePortfolio Scholars Program

Each semester, the ePortfolio Student Scholars Program works with a select group of students to continue to develop their core ePortfolios. Not only are Scholars learning new technical skills, they are also supported in their efforts to: polish and strengthen the content of their ePortfolios, improve writing and critical thinking skills, and learn to evaluate, revise, complete and present more robust and content-rich ePortfolios here.

In Discipline Courses

Once you finish your First Year Seminar course, you will start taking more courses in your discipline and major. Your ePortfolio will continue to help you keep track of your learning and projects along the way. As you take more courses, you will develop more disciplinary knowledge that you will use once you graduate from LaGuardia.

Towards Graduation

As you near Graduation, your ePortfolio will be the key tool to look back and reflect on. By this point, you will have developed a robust ePortfolio with extensive content that will help you as move on to pursue another degree at a four-year college or a professional position in your field.

ePortfolio Program

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