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Inventing the Next Generation ePortfolio at LaGuardia

ePortfolio in an Era of Change: 50% of US universities now use ePortfolios. Recently, the Association of American Colleges & Universities added ePortfolio to the validated list of High Impact Practices - practices that have a measurable benefit for student learning and success. Meanwhile, at LaGuardia, a set of campus developments has changed the landscape for ePortfolio use:

Next Generation ePortfolio at LaGuardia: Building on these developments, LaGuardia faculty and staff are working together to design exciting change on two key fronts.

Building a Core ePortfolio

With the launch of the new interface, faculty have begun trying out a new approach that encourages students to have a primary ePortfolio they use to document and reflect on their learning in multiple courses and co-curricular experiences. This approach can strengthen advisement, helping students revisit educational and career plans over time. By helping students maintain a Core ePortfolio, this approach can leverage the power of the portfolio to connect and integrate diverse learning experiences over time.

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