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Support for Students

The ePortfolio team supports students in creating and building strong and well-polished Core ePortfolios as well as in completing the assessment depositing process.

Assessment Depositing Resources for Students

The ePortfolio Program supports students with the assessment depositing process. This section contains information about why the College is doing this and provides you with resources to do this on your own or with on-campus help.

LaGuardia's Core Competencies and Communication Abilities focus on the 21st century learning skills you need for a Bachelor's degree, a good job, and life-long learning. They ask you to develop your ability to use knowledge from your classes in new ways, building the thinking and problem solving skills that colleges and employers value. LaGuardia has identified three Core Competencies and three Communication Abilities all students in all majors should build at LaGuardia:

Core Competencies
Core Competency Definition In College Beyond College
Inquiry/Problem Solving Gather and weigh evidence to draw conclusions
  • Ask questions, dig deeper into issues and problems
  • Evaluate and synthesize information to solve problems
Apply problem-solving skills that employers want. Make more effective life decisions.
Global Learning Approach the world's challenges and opportunities from multiple perspectives
  • Engage with issues of diversity, identity, power and privilege
  • Communicate across differences
Ability to work in diverse global environments, communicate across differences, and navigate a changing world.
Integrative Learning Make connections between ideas and apply them to new contexts
  • Apply learning across courses
  • Reflect on your own learning
  • Connect life, academic, and college activity experiences
Develop a strong sense of personal and professional identity

Communication Abilities
Ability Definition In College/Beyond College
Written Communication Write with power in a range of styles Reports, essays, requests, personal narratives
Oral Communication Speak clearly to different audiences Presentations, interviews, speeches, networking
Digital Communication Combine images, text, video or other media in effective digital presentations Web pages and portfolios, social media, personal branding, professional tools

Source: Learning Matters Assessment Guide, p. 19

There are two simple things you need to know to complete the assessment process for your course:

  1. You will need the CUNYfirst code for the course you need to complete the assessment for.
  2. You will need to know the assignment(s) you need to deposit and the competency each falls under. Please note that some classes may require you to deposit one assignment or more.

On campus: The ePortfolio Program has open labs during the last two weeks of the semester. Feel free to come on a walk-in basis to get help. Click here to see the schedule.

Off campus: You can do this on your own either following this quick guide or the video below

If you need help with depositing your assignments into the assessment area, there are a couple of things you can do. If the questions relate to which assignments you need to deposit, you will have to contact your professor to obtain that information. If you need help with depositing a file, visit the ePortfolio Help Desk in MB-57 to get help.

Build a Stronger ePortfolio

We work hard to help students build strong ePortfolios. To do this, feedback is critical. Now, you can submit their ePortfolios and request feedback from an ePortfolio consultant. This feedback can be on a number of different aspects of your ePortfolio including the design, content, media, and others. Although the ePortfolio consultant will provide general feedback on your ePortfolio work, the feedback will not be about specific assignments or projects that were originally assigned by a faculty member. To request feedback, please click here.

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