Hello my name is Nadia Adelaide Adakou Folligan and I’ am from West Africa specifically from a country call Togo. I was born on March 24, 1981 in Togo in a city call Lome which is the capital. My major is Travel and Tourism. After I graduate from LaGuardia, I plan to have my BA in hospitality management and work at fife stars hotel as manager in housekeeping department. I would like to welcome you to my eportfolio. I hope you have fun navigating through my eportfolio.

Reflection on my eportfolio:

Eportfolio is a program at LaGuardia Community College for students to store and share their academic work and their future goals.I developed an eportfolio so my classmates and school faculty can learn about what my academic and career goals are and me. When I was told to create an eportfolio, first, I was not sure what my teacher wanted me to do or how to start. The process included creating pages for a web site, describing my background and goals. I found it very difficult because I had to use all of my computer skills even though I started from a ready-made template. By creating an eportfolio, I learned that I can be very creative and I learned new skills that helped me. It change my learning experience by teaching me to do research for information in a new way. It also helped me improve my writing skills and I gained new computer skills. Moreover, it was very interesting to create an eportfolio and the most interesting part about it was putting together all the elements. However, it was challenging  when I was trying to put designs and pictures in it. The significance part about cre ating an eportfolio was that it was easy to show people and it does not take up a lot of space. In addition, I wanted to make it enjoyable to read and look at. Moreover, I made it presentable by keeping it simple to look at and navigate.I would like to tell other students that is good to have an eportfolio because you can share your work with other people, reach a large audience and even show or share it with prospective employers.

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