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   Hello my name is Dzhantam Warren and I am an natural

artist and aspiring 3D animator. I was born in the Bronx and live in Brooklyn. It may sound funny, but I actually went to LaGuardia High School, in Manhattan, where I majored in art. My major here in LaGuardia Community College is New Media Technology. After graduating with my associate degree, I am going to transfer to a four year college, most likely NYU. While I am there I will also work towards attaining my master's degree in 3D animation.

   My immediate goal is to become a well rounded 3D animator/ multimedia designer and work for companies like Lucas Film's Industrial Light and Magic or maybe Pixar Animation Studios. But my ultimate long term goal is to one day open my own multimedia design company. Look for my name in the credits of future 3D films.

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This section is a more in depth look at my past, present, and future goals and aspirations.
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This section is an abbreviated library of the classes that I have completed since the beginning of my enrollment at LaGuardia Community College. It also encompasses the many varied assignments that accompany each class.
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This section displays descriptions and reflects on a few of the major school projects that I have completed this year or plan to complete in the near future.
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This section displays a short version of my work history, work experience, preferred job titles, and academic progress.
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This section gives readers an opportunity to contact me through e-mail links.
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This section is a collection of some original 2D and 3D artwork that I have produced.
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