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Welcome to My World

Hello, my name is Sze. I am from the dynamic city of Hong Kong. I emigrated to the United States in October 2003. I have attended LaGuardia Community College since Fall 2005. This is my third semester in the college.

When I first heard that I would have to create an ePortfolio in my Fundamentals of Professional Advancement class last semester, I did not know what to do. For me, ePortfolio is a very unfamiliar thing; how can a computer idiot like me build an ePortfolio? I was even afraid to do that...
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I am a big travel buff; that’s why I chose travel and tourism as my major. I have traveled a lot over the past years. Let me take this chance to share my travel experiences with you. Places I have been to visit include Singapore, Tokyo, Yokohama, Taiwan, the southern and western parts of China, Macau, London, Edinburgh, Paris, Amsterdam, Augsburg, Vienna and Prague. I went to those places all by myself, except I followed a tour guide to the western part of China. I love culture. When I travel, I like interacting with local people; I pay attention to a place’s architecture, food, clothing of local people and its language. Through the observation of these dimensions of culture, I learned different cultures from different countries.

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My last trip was Prague; I went there in April 2006. I fell in love with the city. Prague is like a beautiful young girl who grew up to become a matured lady. It is a city in the transformation process. It retains its own culture; on the other hand, it is also accepting culture from western Europe. The young generation is able to communicate with tourists in English. I love its food: very delicious and cheap. Its beers are as pure as water. I enjoyed watching opera and going to the orchestra in Prague. If you are interested in going to Prague, do it before 2010 as the Czech Republic will start using the Euro currency in January 2010. The exchange rate between USD and CZK is currently around 1:23.

In the future, I want to visit some destinations which have rich culture like India, Middle East, Tibet, Greece, Egypt and other eastern European countries. I hope you enjoy viewing my photographs above which I took from my previous traveling experiences.

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