My name is Yogita Ramrattan. This is my e-Portfolio. I was born on May 25, 1986 in Guyana, South America. My parents moved to America when I was 5 years old. We have been living in Richmond Hill, Queens for 15 years and counting. I attended Thomas Edison Vocational Technical High School which is located in Jamaica, Queens. I am a second year college student. I transferred to La Guardia Community College in Fall 2005 from Brooklyn College. This ePortfolio was created to show some of the work in my academic career as a student at La Guardia. It gives others the opportunity to learn about my career goals and also see some of the coursework that is done during the semester. After graduating from LaGuardia I plan on attending Hunter College.



I developed an e-Portfolio because it is a very good way to display my course work It allows me to see my work which i hope has improved over time. I also wanted to display my work for others to see so that they can see the type of academic work that is done at LaGuardia. I was excited to create my e-portfolio because it is a showcase of my work. I also got to use Dreamweaver for the first time. Creating an e-Portfolio was not too difficult nor was it too hard. I started working on e-Portfolio during my first semester at La Guardia working on a basic e-Portfolio and moving on to the intermediate level the following semester. The Portfolio changed my learning skills because it pushes me to do my best in all my academic classes. I would like others to know that creating an e-Portfolio is a great way to assess your work during the semester and show others what you are capable of. It also gives people such as fellow students, professors and future employers the opportunity to learn more about you.

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