Hi, my name is Kiran Jaffery and welcome to my ePortfolio. I was born in a busy city like New York City in Karachi, Pakistan on April 14, 1986. My cultural heritage as well as my entire family is Islam. In my family most of us are very religious. I came to the United States when I was only eleven months old and since then I have been living New York City but most of my family has now moved to New Jersey. I have two younger sisters and one younger brother, I am the oldest and I live with my parents. My educational history goes a long way I attended elementary school, P.S. 17 and junior high school, I.S. 126 in Astoria, Queens near my home. Then later on I attended W.C Bryant high school in September 2000 and then later  graduated in June 2004.  Now that I am attending LaGuardia I am majoring in Business Administration. There are many career goals I have but one that I am on my way to achieve is to earn my assosciates degree at LaGuardia and then go on for my bachelors degree at Baruch College.
LaGuardia Community College
31-10 Thomson Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101