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Welcome to my e-Portfolio page. My name is Marlon Munoz. I'm from Ecuador.  I came to New York, Queens when I was  still young. And, life in a different country turned out to be a little difficult  because the culture and language  made it hard to keep the dream alive. But, I never give up no matter how big the obstacle gets. The harder that it gets, the more challenging it becomes for me. In this page you will see the progress I've done so far. My major was Computer -Art, but after  taking a few computer art classes I figured out that I enjoy hand  drawing more than computer drawing. Therefore, in this page you will find more hand-drawings done in art classes I've taken so far.  I started off drawing   simple stuff, and later on I moved to the graffiti art and I've done a few legal walls as well. Also, I love drawing in comic style, which my favorite character from Marvel Comics is Iron-Man. My favorite hobbi is writing Rap music and producing my own beats. And, when I'm not doing that, you might find me b-boyin  which is a Hip-Hop dance that involves  a lot of physical strength. So, that  means I got to stay in good shape to dance better. Of course, I always focus on college work first . Well, I hope you enjoy the art on my page and everything  on it.
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