Ruth Martha
First short paper (The Heptameron - Story 10)
March 5th, 2007

          Every person has a different perspective about love. As we live in this world, we seek the meaning of our life and fight for our satisfaction of love. However, so many times we expect the perfect love to be exist but the truth is nobody is perfect, only God, the Divine. In this story of Amador and Florida, there are conflicts between the two individuals to find the “perfect love” for them because they will never have it. Each of them wants something and tries to do everything they can to get it even though they know that they will not have it in the first place.

          The story started when Amador saw Florida for the first time, he fell for her physical attraction not by his desire of a true love. “Never, he thought to himself, as he contemplated her grace and beauty, had he beheld so fair and noble a creature.…. His mind was made up. He would love her,…” (123). The problem was his status as a soldier who cannot marrying a girl who have higher status especially Florida because she was a princess. He started all to think all the possibilities to get close to Florida and he met Avanturada, someone who really close to Florida. “Since she was a good, respectable girl, and expected to receive three thousand ducats a year by way of dowry, Amador made up his mind to address himself to her as a suitor, and seek her hand in marriage”(124). Amador was trying to get as close as he can to be near Florida by marrying Avanturada. It was a perfect cover because Avanturada was not a really good looking girl and now a very handsome with a good reputation soldier wants to marry her.

          As Avanturada love Amador more and more, Amador asked her to tell him about Florida and without curiosity she told him everything she know about Florida. Amador expect to get Florida’s love one day. Many wars were going on at that time and the King rely on him to be victories. For five whole years he did not see Florida because he only came and went again to the wars. “Yet in spite of these long absences, and the long distances that separated them, his love grew” (128). Amador creates another strategy by getting close to an attractive girl in Barcelona, called Paulina, so no one guess that he have feeling for Florida. Paulina was not stupid and she noticed Amador’s awkwardness to her. However, Amador successfully hide his feelings and controlled his emotion so he can make Pauline sure that he likes her.    

          One day Amador talked to Florida, and he told her all his feelings he had for her with all the sweet talks that make her felt nothing she ever experienced before. How can a girl resist to a man that really love her without expecting something back from her. Amador had Florida under his conscious and made a compromise of their love as a secret in front of everybody so nobody will curious because it is possible for them to be together. “And as she could see that the arguments he brought forth were honourable and good, she was able to grant his request, saying that virtue and honour answered for her” (133). At that time, Florida realized that she wants a true love that will satisfy her and Amador is the only man who can give it to her.

          There are always problems when it comes to find the true meaning of love. Florida got so jealous when Amador spent so much time with Paulina and assumed that Amador fall in love with her. Florida showed him strange behaviors and trying to get away from him because she just displeased with him. At this point, Amador got the power over Florida because he was able to make her jealous so he decided to leave until her mood passed. He got her manipulated again that makes Florida really sure about him and trust him that he only loves her.

          Besides Amador, Florida have feelings for the Infante of Fortune but she was married to Duke of Cardona as a arrange marriage. Florida was hiding her unhappy feelings that her husband cannot give her pleasure to avoid troubles. “For a long time Florida lived this life, a life that seemed to her little better than death” (138). She suffered too much just for searching of the perfection love that been taught by Amador. Amador creates in Florida’s head that he is the ideal of the perfect love that Florida will never have it.

          At the end, Amador surrounded by his enemies and at that time he was thinking what a useless life he have if he cannot have his women of his dream, he ended up kill himself. Florida decided to enter the Convent of Jesus because she has no other way to find her perfect love since Amador dies and her unhappy marriage. “Thus she took Him as lover and as spouse who had delivered her from the violent love of Amador and from the misery of her life with her earthly husband” (152). She just lives her life as a nun and waited to be called by God to see her perfect love, the Divine.

          The main conflict in this story is that nobody will get what they want because it is just impossible to fulfill it. If Amador were to get what he wanted, then Florida would not be able to get what she wanted. And if Florida were to get what she wanted, then of course, Amador would never get what he wanted (as long as for Amador, sex and love are not separate). Ironically, it is Amador who created the idea of this perfect love in Florida's head. Amador wants Florida in sexually against Florida that wanted a perfect love which for her it was not the sexual or erotic way.


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