Hello! My name is Shar-Lyn and I am currently a student at LaGuardia Community College. I plan to graduate at the end of the Fall '07 semester with an Associate's Degree in Media Studies, and transfer to a four-year college for my Bachelor's. My LaGuardia experience thus far has been an immensely pleasant one. I have had professors whom I will treasure for the rest of my life and studied subjects that have been my lifelong interest.

I come from the tiny country of Malaysia but I now reside in Forest Hills, a residential neighborhood in Queens. I enjoy experiencing the many different cultures that this melting pot has to offer. In my spare time, I enjoy reading. I like both fiction and non-fiction - mysteries, biographies, travel memoirs - anything that piques my interest. Another great interest of mine is writing. While I adore creative writing, I would like to start a career based on writing; thus my attempt to foray into the tough and competitive world of journalism. I believe that making your livelihood based on something you really enjoy doing is the best of both worlds.

The Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia skyline.

Creating this ePortfolio made me reflect on all the classes I had taken in my three semesters at LaGuardia. It was fun getting to summarize all my experiences into one neat website - this ePortfolio.

I enjoyed the Classes and Projects section of this page. I am able to show papers and assignments that I am proud of and even give some background information on it. Trying to state my educational goals was slightly difficult; I know what I want from life and how I want to do it, but to actually set them at such an early stage in my college education was challenging.

My professors and ePortfolio mentors have been very helpful thus far. Every question, no matter how trivial was answered immediately. Helping others work on their respective ePortfolios has also given me the chance to learn more about their lives and time here at LaGuardia.

The best part about doing this ePortfolio is getting to use various softwares to put my website together. I also got to brush up on my HTML knowledge.

I will continue to maintain my ePortfolio long after I have graduated from LaGuardia. I will use this ePortfolio to showcase my talents as it is a great tool for potential employers or college applications.

I would like to cordially invite you to view my ePortfolio to know more about me.

I hope you enjoy your virtual stay here!

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