HUP 102 Critical Thinking
Course Description:This course explores the process of thinking critically and guides students in thinking more clearly, insightfully and effectively. Concrete examples from students' experience and contemporary issues help students develop the abilities to solve problems, analyze issues, and make informed decisions in their academic, career and personal lives. Substantive readings, structured writing assignments and ongoing discussions help students develop language skills while fostering sophisticated thinking abilities. (Note: This course is closed to students who have taken HUR100.)

Course Reflection:
I found this class 'Critical thinking' was all about creativity. It halpes people to think in new way, creatively and more efficiently. It will be more halpful if some one have research skill, friquintly note taking ability and thinking ability. General koowledge will be extra  power to get a goob grade from this class.  Good writing  skill and  speaking power is really  necessary to express your self and showing creativitywhich makes you different and especial from others in the class.

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My Quiz Reflection:In this quiz I had to connect most efficient match and brief the mining about my chaise.  We got three quiz  in our class  and  each of them had five points , two points for correct match and three points to represent the quiz in front of the class and brief them for your chaise.

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My Writing Reflection: This writing assingment based on my creative area in which I feel most comfortable and discribe about my specific choise. The home work assingments were very important because each assingment had ten points of over all home work. I choose fashion design as my most comfortabe area in where I would be very flxible and show my creativity.  

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