Educational Goals

I am currently majoring in Liberal Arts: Social Science and Humanities because it is a major that will expose me to many different subjects. The subjects include English, Math, Science and many others. When I first came to LaGuardia, I majored in Veterinary Technology, but by selecting that major, it would limit me to only that profession. I felt that I would not acquire a complete education if I remained in the Vet. Tech. major. I really want to learn as much as I can about everything I can.

While at LaGuardia, the courses I have taken and the people I have met led me to decide to pursue a degree in teaching. I found that helping others in an area that you are strong in is one of the best feelings ever. Another goal of mine is to take a foreign language class before I graduate. In today’s business world, being multilingual is an asset that many employers seek in potential employees. Learning a new language allows you to converse with many different people and travel to different countries around the globe.

After graduating from LaGuardia, I want to go on to a higher institution. My top college choices would be New Paltz, Hunter or Queens Colleges. After completing my Bachelor’s and Master’s in education, I hope I can become an English teacher. Another future goal of mine is to possibly land a teaching job overseas. LaGuardia is the first step for me in what will hopefully be a joyous career.


LaGuardia Community College
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