LaGuardia Community College

I am a student at LaGuardia and I use this page often to get information about the different classes that are being offered. I also get updated on the upcoming events and I get access to Blackboard system and E-Portfolio website.


A great website for finding college textbooks,
although a bit hard to navigate, you can get
books here a lot cheaper if you know how
to search for them. It's also a good place
to search for work relating to my major.

Repetition can affect the grade you get on your essays. By using, it allows me to change words that have been repeated. Also it allows me to quickly find accurate and up-to-date synonyms from reliable sources. It is a good tool for revising an essay.

This site is very useful, when you are typing a paper and want to avoid repetition of words. It is important for college students to expand their vocabulary. Instead of going through your bookshelf to find your dictionary, you could just type in the word. As a result, you save more time receiving quicker results.


A great website for finding scholarships offered to community college students is CollegeFish. It is designed to assist in planning for your future beyond a two-year college. There are many scholarships here that transfer over to four-year universities.

LaGuardia Community College
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