Hello and welcome to my ePortfolio. My name is Minara Akter. I am a Business Administration major, who is intending to transfer to Baruch College in order to get a Bachelor's Degree in Business/Finance. I am also planning to obtain a Master’s Degree.  My career goals consist of becoming an entrepreneur in construction industry.


Minara Akter


Future Goal:
Become An Entrepreneur


Best value :

Favorite Food:
Shish Kebab

Favorote Movie:
The Water
The City of Joy

Listening Music


   Creating an ePortfolio has been a very interesting experience to me. I have learned that by creating an e-Portfolio, I can demonstrate my achievements as a LaGuardia student. When I first heard about ePortfolio, I did not realize how important it can be to the students. Having an ePortfolio is a different way to make myself known at LaGuardia. One of the most positive aspects about creating an ePortfolio is the fact that I was able to attain certain computer skills that I did not knew before, which is something that will absolutely help me in any of my future assignments. When creating my ePortfolio, I had two important things in mind; I wanted to make it clear and easy to understand and I want my audience to learn about me and my achievements without having to read endless pages. I also included a copy of my resume and some more information about me and links to some interesting web sites. I hope you will enjoy reading my ePortfolio.

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