Work associated with the exploration of various aesthetic and ergonomic issues from both the user and the technical standpoints of web design.  
  Work associated with the understanding and effective use of the writing process and techniques.  

Welcome To My ePortfolio
Thanks for visiting my e-Portfolio
  My name is Sandra Lorena Rios and I'm a sophomore at LaGuardia
Community College . I will be graduating in November 2005 with an Associate Degree on New Media Technology. After I graduate I will be studying Computer Engineering at City College or Polytechnic University hopefully.
  From my first ESL class when I was introduced to ePortfolio I have
grown a lot. Not only have I gained technical skills, but I've learned how to express myself as a serious student and a hard worker. The different sections of my ePortfolio made me realize the important things about how I see myself starting at LaGuardia, how I see myself now and in my future. My experience with ePortfolio at LaGuardia has made me see more of who I want to be and how I can accomplish my goals....Read More >>
  Please take a look at my Classes & Projects and Resume Pages to
learn about some of the projects that I've done so far. I'd also like you to take a look at my About Me page so you can learn about who I am.

  Work associated with the concepts and applications through objects and programming using data collection, organization and retrieval.  

  Work associated with the other classes that I have taken in order to pursue my degree.